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Why do you need domain & Hosting services?

Domain name serves as the unique locator for your website.,, are all examples of a domain name. Domain name enables the visitor to find your site online. They are available in various extensions such as .com,, .in, .net etc.

Hosting refers to the total space required for uploading the content, pictures, videos etc online. Single domain hosting refers to available space for a single domain. Multi domain hosting refers to sharing of space between multiple domains. Single domain hosting is ideal for one business firm. Multi domain hosting is more suited for companies with multiple businesses under one parent company. Click here to know about our hosting options and server specifications

When do you need domain & Hosting services?

Domain and hosting booking is a pre-requisite for getting the web site live. Once you book a domain, you will receive DNS details, which you must preserve until you own that domain. Once you book a hosting package, you will receive control panel details, necessary for renewals. So if you are planning to build your own website, Domain and hosting booking is the first thing you must do. You can book these services for Email-Hosting also.

How can I get Domain & Hosting services?

Setmybrand offers affordable Hosting and Domain services. Use our Domain availability Checker to check the domain names suitable for you. We also provide free consultation and suggestions for ideal domain name and Hosting Package for your business. Since the domain name plays a pivotal role in effective SEO, we recommend that you take the free consultation. You may also utilize our Hosting guide for suggestions in hosting packages.

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